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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Good Ole Wednesday Fun

Today I felt more in the swing of things. Well... somewhat. I woke up absolutely panicked at 5:22 a.m. and started rushing around getting ready thinking that I had missed my group meeting. Then I looked at the clock. (Note: always look at the clock before getting ready. Good lesson to be learned).

When I actually got up at 8:15 a.m., I took a shower. What an experience. Their shower head is detached so you have to manually maneuver the shower head to where you want it. I also have been dehydrated these past couple of days because Spaniards don't drink a lot of water because it's expensive, so I've had maybe a total of 2 glasses of water since I've been here. So is it sad that I drank water from the shower head this morning? I don't think so. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

After desayuno (breakfast), which consisted of cereal and coffee, I started to walk towards my group's meeting point and realized I forgot how to get there. I was standing at a fork in the road...lost, abandoned, confused, and clearly American...when good ole Edward appeared out of nowhere! (I realize you all don't know who Edward is. He is one of the students from my group in Sevilla). "Leah! Leah!" He shouted as he came up from behind me. I can't express how grateful I was at seeing a familiar face.  I was about to ask the homeless man on the corner for directions...and we all know how smart that would be. Edward happened to know where we were supposed to go (apparently I must not be the brightest bulb in my group, at least when it comes to directions) and we both ended up at the meeting point safe and sound.

Our group went to the CIEE center to hear some orientation material, and of course I decided that after one day of being in Sevilla and being completely jet lagged that it would be smart to sit in the front row. Oscar was presenting and he kept looking directly at me and I felt super awkward because I kept falling asleep during his presentation. I mean, he should know that everyone is still not used to the time zone here. I'm not ashamed that I was falling asleep. If he wants to give a presentation at 9 in the morning, then I'll be more than happy to listen with my eyes closed.

After the presentation, it was time for our evaluations. Apparently mine went decently well and Ruben, the guy who interviewed me, said I spoke at the exact same level as my online test placed me at (so, I hope that was good? It could mean that I spoke at the same terrible level I was placed at, but I prefer to think that I'm at a fluent level). Following my evaluation, I ran into Elizabeth Chang, my friend from my sorority. Seeing a familiar face from back home was the best feeling in the world, and I was much more peppy and excited to take on the day after that! (Okay, jokes... I still was pretty anti-social and just wanted to sleep).

So finally...SIESTA! I slept for 2 1/2 hours today and I'm also not ashamed of that. I think that's a record for me. BOOM. Try to beat that one, I dare you. I was kind of disappointed though because my friend Tori had messaged me about going out and buying things like shampoo and conditioner at the market, but alas I was asleep, so no shampoo buying for Leah.

My group met back up at 7 and we went on the tour of our neighborhood. It was so beautiful! Check out my pics above ;) I felt uncomfortable taking a lot of pictures with my iPhone because  I know they get snatched quicker than you can say Oprah, so I sneakily took out my phone, snapped a quick pic, and threw it back into my purse. The photos may not be stellar, but it's the memories that count people. I'm not trying to be a photographer here.

We then had tapas again, but our group decided not to go out tonight because our day is supposed to be really hard tomorrow. Ain't nobody got time for that. But, good news was that when I woke up this morning, all of the bugs from last night were dead on top of my suitcase (yay!) Bad news? Despite closing my door before turning on my bedroom light, a new swarm of insects has raided my room again tonight. Guess who's getting their protein tonight?

Until next time mis amigos,


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