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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Second of Firsts is Over

I'm trying to think of a sane and easily understandable way to say this, but I'm just going to come out and say it: Today was my second day of first day of classes.

I had the following two classes today: Magazine Reporting and Writing and "Literatura y Cocinar."

Magazine Reporting and Writing is a 9 a.m. class. Those of you back in the United States right now with 8 a.m. classes will be rolling your eyes at me, but it is early! I have 9 a.m. classes everyday, and so far these past few days I've been riding the struggle bus when it comes to waking up in the morning. You see, when I'm half asleep, my mind likes to ration with itself and pretend that I have so much more time to press the snooze button, when in reality, I have to be out of the door within 5 minutes. So yeah, I've also looked like a struggle bus both mornings. Cheers to first impressions!

Magazine Reporting and Writing (let's call it MRW for short because I'm tired of typing that out) seems like it will be a lot like the class I took freshman year at Elon: Media Writing (minus the fact that this class is taught completely in Spanish). My professor said we will be writing articles every week and exploring Sevilla and talking with the natives in order to get the best stories. Seems innocent and interesting enough, seeing as I'm a journalism major. However, I'm going to have to admit that today's class was not my cup of tea. We sat there for an hour and a half an analyzed a single newspaper from front to back. I actually wanted to gouge my eyes out. But like I said, overall I think MRW is going to be very interesting. And I love my professor because he is this eccentric man with this long blonde hair that touches his shoulders and unique mannerisms. He's very exciting to watch.

Literatura y Cocinar is a class that I take at the Universidad de Sevilla. It's annoying because I have an hour and a half break after MRW, which is in that awkward median of being too much time to sit at the coffee shop and too little of time to go back home. So today I opted for the coffee shop route, and then got lost with a couple of my friends on the way to class. It turned out to be pretty okay that I had an hour and a half between classes today.

When we found our room at the the Universidad de Sevilla, I opened the door without thinking and oh... hey class that is still in session! Awkward to run into you here! Yep, everyone in that class turned and looked at the clearly-foreign girl in the doorway. I quickly shut the door and waited in the hallway.

Literature y Cocinar (I'm calling it LC...oh hey, it's my initials! Oh the cleverness of me. Just quoted Peter Pan, no big deal) also sounds like it is going to be a fun and informative class. We are going to be reading different books and watching different movies and then cooking the food that is mentioned in order to gain an understanding of the importance of food in the world's history and culture. We also get to go wine tasting. Did I mention we get to make food? That's my favorite part. Today's class also mirrored MRW though, in the fact that it was just my professor rambling on and on about the thoughts that would pop into his head, and it was difficult because he kept switching between talking in English and Spanish. Dude, I can't do this switcheroo thing, just pick a language please. He also flipped between slides on the PowerPoint too quickly so I gave up on trying to take notes. So though today's LC class was incredibly boring--and I have plenty of flower doodles to show for it--I'm excited to see where the class takes me during the remainder of the semester. And I'll be sure to post about my cooking adventures in the class, obviously, because who wants to read about Spain when you can read about food.

Highlight of the day: Hearing a little girl scream so loudly I thought the Apocalypse was starting. Honestly I've never heard anyone, including a grown adult, muscle up that much breath or vocal chords to produce such a high pitched scream. Well done, stranger child.

Quote of the day: "Our class is also going to go wine tasting on either October 11 or October 18."

Until next time,


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  1. Just a nit-pick... You might want to gouge your eyes out, and not gauge your eyes out. Just sayin'


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