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Thursday, February 6, 2014

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

To answer the thought rolling around your head, no I did not die. I could tell you were starting to wonder.

If you weren't wondering, well...hey. My name is Leah, and I am very much alive.

I was merely getting used to the idea of "normal life" again, which consisted of me going to class, doing homework, balancing a trillion different activities in my life, and coming to terms with the fact that no, I am no longer living in Spain. *sigh* *tear* *more sighing*

I would like to take this moment to sponsor a warning from myself to everyone, which is to NEVER STUDY ABROAD. It will ruin you.

-End study abroad rant-

Spring semester started this past Tuesday for me, so I decided that I wanted to do something that would keep things fresh and exciting. You know what I decided on? 

A 30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE. Boom. I bet you didn't see that one coming.

I've realized that I have this problem where I don't write on my blog as much as I want to, so I figured that if I committed to a 30 day challenge then I would be forced to write every day. Genius, right? It might get a little excessive since you'll be hearing from me every single day for the next month, but it will bring us much closer. I promise.

I randomly picked a 30 day challenge that I found on Pinterest. I know there's an infinite amount of variations on the 30 day blog challenge, so you won't know which topic is coming next, which again keeps things interesting and keeps you on your toes.

Today's topic: "Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is."

...10000000% single.

Let me begin by saying that my single life and I have a love/hate relationship. Mostly hate, but there's some love thrown in there occasionally. 

I can't really complain too much though. Single life is great. I don't have to make sure I'm in shape or looking good for anyone but myself, and every time I look in the mirror I realize that I am just plain gorgeous. Seriously, men are really missing out on this Class A Hottie. 

Then there's the fact that Valentine's Day is a mere 8 days away. Personally, I've never had a valentine. Every year that stupid holiday rolls around and I'm like "Guess I better buy myself some chocolate...?" 

But who am I kidding, my pantry is already stocked with chocolate.

Since I've never had a valentine, I don't truly know what I've been missing out on, so I'm still content with joking around with my fellow single friends and labeling February 14th as "Single Awareness Day." We do exist, and while the rest of the world is doodling hearts in their binders and making out in public places, us single folk are standing firm and strong in our singleness and declaring that love sucks. And just because the acronym for Single Awareness Day is S.A.D. does not mean we are sad about the "love" issue at hand, because we're not. We're joyous about spending our lives forever alone.

Now here's the truth: I've been hurt many times in my life because I thought that I was finally experiencing relationships and love, when really I was just being naive. I've always wanted Prince Charming to stroll up on a white horse and swoop me away as we ride off into the sunset. I'm very much a romantic. I honestly believe that there is someone out in world right now that was made to be my partner in crime, but I haven't met him yet. When he does stroll up to my front door, he may not look just like Prince Charming. He may have glasses, he may be a giant, he may be sarcastic, he may not even own a white horse (though that may be a deal breaker). What I do know is that when my mysterious someone strolls up to my front door, I'm going to put my hands on my hips and firmly ask him, "Now please explain what took so darn long because I've been waiting for you my whole life." And then we will live happily ever after.

Until that Disney-knockoff becomes a reality, I'm perfectly content with laughing with my friends about our misfortunes with guys, our single lives, and Single Awareness Day. Why should I let the male species put a damper on my day? If I had a relationship, I probably wouldn't be doing a 30 day blog challenge right now. I may not even have a blog at all. Life is too short not to cherish every moment, and I'm not going to let relationships stand in the way of living a perfect life. 

Well, not perfect. Perfectly imperfect.

Until Day 2 of the Blog Challenge,

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