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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Your Guide to a Successful Me Day

Let's face it: everyone needs a "me day." You can pretty much use anything as an excuse for a break too, like men, responsibilities, the weight of everyday life, your friends, the world. The bottom line is that you need a day on which you do things that make YOU happy.

In celebration of tomorrow being #tbt, I've decided to use heinous photos of my younger self as examples of activities you can do on a "me day." Feel free to laugh at my awkwardness.

If there is a beach within a relatively close distance, you have access to a car and you have the whole day ahead of you...GO TO THE BEACH! What is more relaxing than your toes in the sand and the sound of crashing waves in the background? A beach is a great place to unwind and escape into your own paradise to get away from whatever is troubling you. The photos above were taken from my high school senior week, and I just so happened to crash the class of 2014's senior week this year with my best friend. It was such a fun trip, and a great way to escape for a couple days from my hectic life. 

Here are a few photos from the day that we went to the beach: 

View from the sidewalk.

View from the boardwalk.

Just hanging out alone. 

The picture above also happens to be from my high school senior week. Taking a nap is one of my favorite activities because they happen so rarely for me. I often find myself sleep deprived, so whenever I get the chance for a quick 30 minute snooze it is the best pick-me-up during a hectic day. If you're planning an awesome "me day," you'll want to plan a nice nap in your day in order to let your mind unwind. 

You know that moment when your song comes on the radio and you just want to yell out "THIS IS MY JAM!" and start dancing, but then you remember you're in public and that would be socially unacceptable? Well, now you can! Create a playlist of all the songs that get your feet tapping, grab your broom microphone, and have your own personal dance party. I definitely do this at least once a day, especially when I'm alone at my newspaper's office. Here's my thought: if you have a one man dance party and no one was there to see it, did it really happen? Exactly. 

If you're trying to get over that man that stabbed you in the heart or are feeling in need of a "new you," the best advice I can give is to change up your hair. If you note the picture above, I have extensively traveled the road of hair colors. I'm not ashamed. I like trying new things, even if they end up going horribly wrong, like the time I accidentally dyed my hair white (people called my Betty White for a long time). You can also just settle for an old-fashioned haircut, that might be easier and less risky. 

Growing up, my friends and I were always guilty of planning a photo shoot even when they were just plain awful (see above picture). We always planned them with the hopes of getting a cute new Myspace profile picture, but in the end they just ended up being a way where we could dress up and take pictures while laughing at the horrible outtakes (aka all of the photos). Let's face it, I'm not going to be a model anytime soon, but being goofy with your friends can be a great way to kick back and laugh at yourself.

And Finally, Look Up Some Inspirational Quotes

I found some of my favorite inspirational quotes and took them to Photoshop on my "Me Day." It's always enjoyable to feel inspired, so make a list of your favorite inspirational quotes and keep them handy for a rainy day or when you need a pick-me-upper.

I hope you have a successful "me day." Whatever you choose to do, make sure it's making you happy. After all, it's a day all about YOU.

Until next time,