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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Here's to the Simplicity and Joy of Childhood

I recently found myself in a funk because I was getting jealous. I've been looking at all of my friends on Facebook that are my age and pouting at their impressive internships at well-known newspapers, magazines, PR companies, etc. Many of them are also spending their summer frolicking around in iconic cities like New York and Los Angeles.

And where do I have the privilege of spending my summer? The not-so-glamorous Severna Park, Maryland.

Now don't get me wrong, I am beyond #blessed (sorry, I had to). I really don't have much to complain about, seeing as I too frolicked in an iconic city with a wonderful internship (make that two internships). My past summer consisted of living the Hollywood life in Los Angeles while interning at both CollegeHumor and Familius, a book publishing company that focuses on the importance of family. I lived in the famous Oakwood apartments with all of the aspiring child actors and traveled to a new beach in California every weekend. Basically, I was living the dream.

Here are some photos that have me reminiscing about my summer in paradise, the summer when everything was absolutely perfect:

When I found James Cameron's star, the director of "Titanic" (a.k.a. my hero). 

Tessa and I at the Dodgers game.

That one time when I bought the Beatles' Yellow Submarine CD in Japanese... 

Oh, hey there, Hollywood sign, I'm behind you!

My noble steed for the summer, Leo.

Getting to see my twin, Lindsay, in her natural California habitat.

Sitting on the "Friends" couch with my L.A. roomies.

Welcome to Venice Beach. Self-explanatory.

Trying to model with the fashionista herself, Kathleen Harper.

Trying to model again. I should stick with dance.

Hanging out on top of the world.

The absolute BEST acting class and group of people you will ever meet.

Thanks, CollegeHumor, for helping me to perfect the best craft service table. They even sent a picture of my table to the CollegeHumor's president. BOOM. Best intern ever = me.

Yeah, I met Chuy. He was phenomenal. I know you're jealous.

Meet Esther, the sassiest Jewish woman ever. She was my grandma's old next door neighbor. We had weekly IHOP lunch dates. (Pictured with my mother, Diane, on the far left).

The best was when my parents came to visit at the end of the summer.

My Dad and I get really intense with the Buzz Lightyear game at Disneyland. I always lose. I blame the controller.

Clearly I can't complain, but I still feel bitter because I feel like I should be completing another internship this summer. However, after being $11,000 dollars in debt from my summer in Los Angeles, and then studying abroad in Spain and digging myself further into a debt hole, I decided that I should forgo an internship and get a job where I can earn money and start to save up in order to pay back those charming loans.

I am officially a nanny this summer for the same family I nannied when I was a freshman in college, and I can honestly say that it is a truly rewarding experience. There is something special that comes from watching children grow up and mature, and knowing that I've played a part in how they have grown up is indescribable altogether. 

I'm not saying that every day is a walk in the park, because I'm still dealing with kids and they are always full of surprises. Despite the fact that the kids are now two years older than my last summer with them, I still have to break up fights, act as a mediator, and come up with sufficient compromises. 

After being with the kids for almost three weeks now, I've discovered that my job as a nanny is more vital to my success later in life than I previously realized. A smile comes to my face when I realize that the toughest argument Will, the 12-year-old boy I nanny, has with is friends is over what would be the best super power to have in life. My smile grows when I watch Paige, the 9-year-old I nanny, try to create a pulley system with a hanger and duck tape for an hour and then use a tennis ball and blanket to transform into my fortune teller. 

These observations all come down to one thing: imagination. Kids have this amazing ability to enjoy life and to have fun that I find adults often forget. Being able to step back from the stress and strain of schoolwork, job searches and the task of packaging myself to employers and simply being a kid again has sparked a new light in me that I haven't seen for a while. I have the freedom to play and be silly. I have endless opportunities to smile and laugh. I have now found the ability to become entertained by blowing bubbles for two hours straight.

So here is a message to my friends who have their dream internships this summer: don't forget what is really important in life. You often find yourself so caught up in climbing the ladder and "making it" in the real world that you don't remember how to let go and simply enjoy life. 

I may be a step behind by not having an internship this summer, but I have found something much greater, and that is pure bliss.

Until next time,