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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Days 4 & 5: I Got Sick At Sundance

The most unfortunate and dread thing happened to me while at Sundance: I got sick.

My friends quarantined me, suggesting that I not attend dinner outings and proposing me to sleep in rather than attend an 8:30 a.m. screening of "The Tribe," a Ukrainian sign language film (Fun fact: there are no subtitles for "The Tribe." It is only in sign language. Nobody would go with me.).

I don't know how I got sick either because I have one of the best immune systems that I know. However, I took one for the team and even gave my friend my bottle of Purell to keep on her side of the bed since we are sharing one and I'm sure she'd rather not catch the horrid sickness.

Despite being sick, I woke up on Monday with a burst of energy because at 8:30 a.m. I was seeing the film I had been dying to see at Sundance: "Z for Zachariah" starring Chris Pine and Margot Robbie. Despite one moment in the film that had me clutching at my heart (I won't give away what happens, don't worry. But it may have something to do with my boy Chris.), I was most excited for the Q&A portion of the screening because I wanted to see Chris Pine again and hear him talk about his experience with the film. However, to my disappointment, Chris nor Robbie nor anyone else was to be seen at the Q&A portion other than the director. I was absolutely devastated. Clearly Chris didn't care about reuniting with me one final time before our lives took us in separate directions. What a pity.
Watching "Z for Zachariah" at the Eccles Theater
That night I managed to get onto the wait-list for the documentary "The Wolfpack." It was directed by Crystal Moselle and followed the lives of the Angulo brothers who learn how to interact with the outside world after living primarily inside of their Lower East Side apartment for the majority of their lives. I was unsure of whether I truly liked the documentary, but I realized that I loved the film once experiencing the Q&A portion, during which each of the brothers featured in the film came onto the stage with the director. There were two goofball brothers in the center who wore sunglasses during the Q&A and pretended to be British with convincing accents. I decided that if we ever meet in person we will be the best of friends.

The Angulo brothers at the Q&A of "The Wolfpack"
This morning was the morning I was supposed to see my wonderful Ukrainian sign language film, but there was absolutely no way I was going to make it. I actually thought I was dying. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but still. Sickness is not becoming of me. Instead, I slept in until 11:15 a.m., which was the most amount of sleep I've gotten in over a week. I have gotten 2-3 hours of sleep per night while at Sundance, so I guess it makes sense that my immune system would break down on me. I'm still incredibly mad and bitter that I'm sick.

I refused to be a hermit and spend my entire day in our mansion of a house (seriously, it's huge), so I wait-listed for the film "The Witch" at 3:30 p.m. I thought it was going to be a slight thriller, nothing too scary. It was also one of the films I had been most looking forward to at Sundance.

Oh. My. Goodness. "The Witch" was one of the most horrifying films I've seen in a long time, and the end of the film left me visibly shaking in my seat. I almost started to cry, but I held myself together remembering that I attended this film alone and didn't want to look like some crazy loner chick crying in shock because of a Sundance film. However, it featured some of the most twisted events to ever occur in a horror film, such as the gruesome death of babies and dogs. I will forever be haunted by this film. The Q&A portion of the film took some of the edge off of the film, until the director was questioned as to why he ended the film the way he did (which was crazy horrific, might I add. Absolutely terrifying and twisted ending). The director responded,"Because I wanted a happy ending." At that point I realized the director is an absolute nutcase and should probably look into therapy options.

The Q&A for "The Witch"
So of course I am going to see "The Witch" again with my friends on Thursday night. Happy Sundance.

Until next time,

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  1. Feel better Leah! I'm so curious about The Witch now haha!


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