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Friday, January 30, 2015

Days 6 and 7: Leah Finds Luck in a Hopeless Place

On Wednesday I learned a couple valuable lessons that most people should keep close to heart:
1) People with good morals still exist in this world
2) When good karma comes your way, make sure to return the favor.

A group of seven of us took to the slopes and spent the majority of the day skiing or snowboarding. Seeing as the few times I tried snowboarding I spent the majority of my time scooting down the hill on my butt, I stuck with what I know (skiing). I truly enjoyed having a day of exercise and fun, a day not spent holed up in a dark theater (though don’t get me wrong, I have been loving my times in the theater just as much). Though I haven’t been skiing in six years, I was ecstatic to be able to get back onto a snowy mountain and work my way back to the level of skiing I used to brag about.

Standing above a Black Diamond

Unfortunately I never made it back to a level of skiing that was worthy of bragging. In fact, I wiped out two times too many, and my knees hate me for it. The first time I wiped out I had been skiing down the slope gracefully, impressed that I was doing so well, when I realized that my legs were tired. Boom, it was all over. I flipped over my skis two times, causing one ski to fly off and the other ski landed in a way that caused my knee to bend unnaturally. My poles were easily twenty feet away. I was completely alone on the slope. I laid there for a few minutes before realizing that I had no feeling in one of my hands because I dropped my glove off the chairlift on the way up.

Life: 1. Leah: 0.

Too foggy to see; probably why I fell the second time

Since we would be buying lunch and I was unsure if we would need our licenses for the rentals, I brought my credit card and license with me in the zipped pocket of my ski jacket, which also happened to house my cell phone. It seemed like a safe place to house two of the most important items that enable me to get around and function in society. However, this assumption was entirely wrong. During that first wipe out on a "Green" slope called "Homerun," I took my cell phone out to snap a quick picture of the beautiful scenery after gathering myself, not realizing both my credit card and license had escaped in the process.

Of course this would happen to me, I'm Bad Luck Leah. We were all having such a great day and I didn't want to let these circumstances ruin the rest of my ski day, but I was grumpy and had no idea how I would replace them. I felt bad because people on my trip aren't used to seeing a version of Leah that isn't smiling or laughing 24/7, but I was completely bummed about these turn of events. However, I am pleased to report that as my friends and I were leaving the ski area, I received a call from the lost and found. A woman found my credit card and license on the “Homerun” course and was wonderful enough to turn them in! I have decided to take my good karma and return in when the time comes, because it is important to spread the happiness around.
Sigma Kappa takes on Utah

Utah mountain selfie

Holly and I taking a break on the slopes

Today was another day of movie watching, starting off with the film "True Story," starring James Franco and Jonah Hill. Personally I thought it was okay, but it definitely intrigued me to research more on the relationship between Christian Longo, who was convicted of murdering his family, and Michael Finkel, New York Times reporter. Personally I thought Jonah Hill was exceptional in this film, further demonstrating his acting abilities and range.

In the afternoon I presented the research I've completed at Sundance to my classmates and J. I chose to explore the question: Do actors drive the success of movies? With the obsession and fixation on celebrities that is especially seen at the festival where an enormous amount of well-known industry personnel are walking around, I thought this was an important topic to cover in determining how a movie is cast and whether it determines its success. I thought I was clever and titled my research "Do A-Lists Make A-Plus Movies?" It is clever. You cannot deny it. Overall I think I did fairly well on the presentation and enjoyed hearing everyone else's work too.

I also saw "The Witch" again tonight with my friends as promised. I'm still scarred and it still scared me immensely. So that was a lot of fun.

Until next time,

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