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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sundance Day 2: I Did the Unspeakable

Day 2 with my main chick Holly.

Today I did the unspeakable. I did the one thing that is most frowned upon during the Sundance Film Festival. The one thing that movie goers and filmmakers loathe.

I fell asleep during a Sundance film. *insert shocks of horror here*

In all honesty, it was not my fault. I was up until 3 a.m. the night before completing research and assignments for my class (this is part of my winter term course, it's not a free trip to the festival just for giggles), thus only giving me three hours of sleep. I was truly excited for the film too. It was called "The End of the Tour," directed by James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now) and featuring Jason Segel, Jesse Eisenberg, Anna Chlumsky and Joan Cusack, and it told the story of David Lipsky's interactions with author David Foster Wallace during a promotional book tour.

The film was well done and the actors did a great job with their roles, I just think it was a little slow paced for a 9 a.m. screening. Embarrassingly enough, I found myself periodically nodding off. I even tried widening my eyes as much as possible in hope of gathering the last bit of energy my body could muster. I also started doing a little "theater seat jig" in which I bounced myself around in the seat to a little tune I sung in my head. The theater seat jig provided no support in my attempts to combat the nodding off syndrome. I was less embarrassed, however, when I saw in my peripheral the woman to my right also nodding off during the film. I guess we all stayed up a little too late last night.

The best part of the screening experience? David Lipsky was actually in the audience. He was only a few feet from me. My real fangirl moment, though, came when Jason Segel came out onto the stage for a Q&A session after the movie. I had to choke back some tears.

JASON. SEGEL. In my presence. *swoon*

After the film we ate lunch at this little Chinese restaurant which isn't that concerned about getting your food served altogether, so some of us were almost finished our meals before others received theirs. I also ate two fortune cookies that gave me rather odd fortunes. The first said "Time heals wounds. Keep your chin up." Um, okay. My life is actually pretty swell right now so I don't really have any "wounds" to heal, but good try. The second said, "Don't underestimate yourself. Your social skills are needed by others at this time." Can't the fortune just say that I'm an overall happy person and other people want to bask in my happiness at this time? That would be easier to interpret.

And let me add... *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* ...I met Chris Pine today.

Let me clarify: I saw Chris Pine as he ran into his car, surrounded by a team of publicists and body guards. I also saw Margot Robbie and the rest of the cast of "Z for Zachariah" (which I will officially be seeing on MONDAY!).

You see, I came with a specific goal for the Sundance Film Festival, and that was to meet Chris Pine. Ever since he attached his beautiful face to the name Captain James T. Kirk, Chris Pine has forever stolen my hear (but not more than Leonardo DiCaprio). Since Chris is apparently one heck of a busy man during the festival, I happily accept that I accomplished my goal despite the lack of conversation exchanged with him.

I came out of my Chris and Margot encounter with some epic pictures of their hair. I should really be a paparazzi.

Chris Pine's hair.

Margot Robbie's hair.

Until next time,


  1. What an incredible experience! So jealous :)

    1. Thanks Kathleen! Miss you and hope you are enjoying Chicago! :-)

    2. Thanks Kathleen! Miss you and hope you are enjoying Chicago! :-)


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