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Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to GOMO vs. FOMO

When it comes down to spending money, I think of it like this: I could either have that expensive but super cute new top, or I could be screaming along with my best friends to a hot summer concert. (I could also save money too, but where is the fun in that?) 

I would chose the concert almost every single time because of one single phrase: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). When you're sitting at home by yourself in your super cute top that nobody is going to see while your besties are off having the time of their lives, you are going to have a MAJOR case of FOMO as you scroll longingly through the following day's Instagram and Facebook posts.

So, how do you end the FOMO and start the GOMO (Going Out More Often)?

Thanks to self-service ticketing platforms like Eventbrite, it is far from impossible to spend money on affordable summertime adventures with your guys or gals. Below are some of my tips on how to GOMO vs. FOMO:

1. Save a little from each paycheck. 
Bills, student loans, savings accounts. All of these things want to eat your soul and take away all of your money. It is true, as you get older it is harder to willingly spend money when you have so many things for which you are supposed to save. However, I started setting aside about $25-$50 from each paycheck (depending on how much I have earned) to be put into a "Fun Fund." It is scientifically proven (okay, not really) that everyone should have a Fun Fund in order to prevent insanity and FOMO. Just think about how much extra money you would have set aside to indulge in those summer concerts and random pottery workshops with your friends. 

So. Much. Pottery.

2. Pick 3

Take time at the beginning of your summer to sit down with your friends and plan out three major events/concerts/activities you all want to do during the summer. Believe me, I am all about being spontaneous, but planning out three events in the very beginning ensures that everyone will at least be at those chosen events together. If you leave everything up to spontaneity, some of your friends may flake or not have the funds (even though you should have plenty in your Fun Fund!). 

3. Not Every GOMO Outing Has to Be Expensive

Sure, concerts can be crazy expensive. However, not every outing you and your friends participate in has to break the bank. Go out for ice cream downtown, go to a movie, take a hike. If you save your money for your "Big 3" events, there are plenty of low-cost and free events you can chose to do with your friends. Remember, this summer is all about making memories and getting out more often! 

There you have it, my friends. With your Fun Fund, your Big 3 and low-cost spontaneous friend dates, you are going to have the best summer ever. Stop complaining about how much you are FOMOing and get out there. LIVE a little! Didn't a famous rapper once say that You Only Live Once? YOLO. Back at it again with the acronyms. 

Until next time,

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