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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Art of the Selfie

If you want to write a novel but you hate reading, you probably won't get very far. The same logic goes for bloggers: If you want to own a successful blog, you have to read other blogs. So, taking my own advice, I often find myself perusing various blogs in my spare time. Thanks to the "Popular Posts" section of Bloglovin' (,  I was able to stumble upon a great post by "Helene in Between" that listed 30 creative blog topics one should try. You can check out her post by clicking HERE! All of ideas were interesting and fun, but one in particular stuck out to me.

Idea #2: Your Favorite Selfie and Why. 

I personally consider myself to be the selfie queen, and often find myself snapping a quickie regardless of where I am or who I'm with. Walking to class in the middle of campus? Selfie. Running at the gym? Selfie. Listening to a lecture in class? Selfie. I am virtually unstoppable when it comes to selfie mode. It only gets awkward when you forget your phone volume is up as you snap a pic, instantly taking you from incognito mode to broadcasting mode. 

I've decided to accept Helene's challenge and amplified the requirements.

I now present to you my FIVE favorite selfies and why. 

1.) The "I'm Trying to Catch Flies in My Mouth" Selfie

This picture was taken in Lagos, Portugal while I was studying abroad last year. The views and scenery were absolutely indescribable and it is an experience I will surely never forget. I like this selfie because you are able to catch a small, small, microscopic glimpse of the picturesque surroundings. Only a small peek though. The main star of this photo is my face, which is clearly more important. I appear to be somewhere in the middle of screaming out in pain and squealing with excitement. Maybe my mouth really is closed and I have an unfortunately large gap in between my two rows my teeth, just like when I was little: 

Wow, those are some jacked up teeth!

2.) The "I Got the Whole World In My Hand" Selfie

This fun little photo was taken in Morocco last year during my study abroad experience. Setting foot on the continent of Africa had always been on my bucket list, so finally being able to cross it off was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. This particular selfie features the infamous "duck lips," a crime for which I am a repeat offender. What I like about this photo is that the duck lips aren't as pronounced as "in your face" as most duck lips normally are. In fact, what I truly appreciate about this selfie is the apparent effort to hold back those eager duck lips, creating a sort of "pursed lips" appearance. Having Morocco in the background ain't too shabby either.

3.) The "I'm Storing Nuts for the Winter" Selfie

For Selfie #3 I have decided to use my "Phone a Friend" lifeline. This selfie features my friend Hannah as we cheer at the Real Betis fĂștbol game in Sevilla on Halloween. There are a couple of reasons why I enjoy this selfie. One, I am no longer alone in my selfie efforts. Though most of Hannah's body is cut out of the shot in order to make room for the more important subject, me, her face is clearly in the shot and thus it counts as a dual-person selfie. Two, I decided to dress up for Halloween as a CIA agent. Wearing a coral scarf. In all fairness, at least no one would suspect me of being a secret agent. 

4.) The "What is Even Happening" Selfie

It was my 21st birthday. I was celebrating in Sevilla, Spain. I accidentally took a shot of absinthe. Quite a remarkable evening. 

5.) The "Monkey See, Monkey Do" Selfie

One of the most enjoyable activities I found while studying abroad was to take awkward selfies in front of pieces of artwork or statues. In said selfies, I would attempt to imitate the exact same expression the artwork was displaying. This particular selfie was taken on my last day in Sevilla, the day after my entire family flew in and my brother surprised me by visiting as well. They were all standing by, watching as this magical moment took place. My dad joined in on the photography fun and now has a picture of me taking this exact selfie. 

Until next time,

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