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Friday, January 23, 2015

Welcome to Sundance: Home of the Morning People

Apparently it is considered the norm at the Sundance Film Festival to get up at 6:30 a.m. to go see a film.
For me, this is not the case.
I am not what one would classify a "morning person," so when my friend Will greeted me with enthusiasm at breakfast, I simply shuffled in my slightly-too-small hiking boots towards the fridge with a grunt and poured myself a glass of apple juice. I'm 99% positive my eyes were still shut. 
Somehow I was also awarded the highly esteemed position of egg maker for the entire group, barely having time to make breakfast for myself. However my egg making career was cut short when I went to serve a perfectly crafted over easy egg onto a plate and instead watched as it slipped and splattered all over the stove. 
-10 points, Leah. 
The rest of the morning went rather smoothly. After waiting for a while out in the freezing Utah weather for our bus, I watched as the rest of my classmates (who all have Adrenaline passes that allow them to skip waiting in line for movies) go in the fastpass line for the film "The Bronze," while I waited with my 300 closest friends in the ticket line. I really enjoyed talking with myself. It was a truly stimulating conversation.
The movie itself was fantastic and a great way to start off the festival. It was packed from the start with laughs, and I am not a quiet one by any means, so I'm sure the entire audience at the Eccles theater could hear my enthusiasm for the film's plot and carefully arranged comedic elements. 
First day of Sundance!
Tim is my favorite. We get along swimmingly.
Three models looking to be hired. Serious inquiries only.
Just chilling on the bus headed for downtown Park City, Utah.
Shirts at Sundance are expensive, so I decided to just take a picture with one instead.
I was also able to attend a talk with Harvey Weinstein, co-founder of Miramax films and a big player in the Hollywood industry. You do not want to get on Harvey's bad side as I'm sure you would be forever blacklisted from accomplishing your hopes and dreams. At the end of the talk I decided I wanted to talk to him but didn't want to seem too creepy/desperate, so as he walked by I loudly exclaimed, "Harvey! Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with us, I really appreciated it!"
He actually nodded at me and said "You're welcome," with a slight smile. That is basically code for telling me that he's planning to hire me for his next feature film. A-list stardom, here I come. 
The shining faces of J McMerty and Will Mavity, ladies and gentlemen. Easily my favorite photo from the festival so far.
HARVEY. WEINSTEIN. Yes. I was in the front row (basically).
All of that was only in day 1 of the festival. By the end of my stay in Utah you could be looking at the next Meryl Streep. 
Until next time,

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